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Photography is my way of bringing life into focus. The camera is a tool I use to express what I think of internally or notice outside of me. I apply techniques of photo journalism, portraiture and imagination to build a collection of images where fantasy and mysticism; simple or complex shape a consistent thread through my work.

From a small town in southern Ohio where I was born, to Manhattan where I grew up; these two contrasting locations have tugged on my imagination and influenced me all my life. As an avid reader since my childhood, tales of romance, mystery and suspense have subjected my thoughts. As a young woman with a camera, I began working with black and white film; taking photos of friends and the world around me. I used the darkroom as a creative means.

As an artist, working with any subject/topic, the potential for rapport or connection is always present. It is the interaction between the topic and artist where the potential is realized. If I can become sympathetic to this force by combining energies with people or aligning myself with nature, I may discover something exceptional.

When my work is going well and the flow just happens……………….. It's magic!



    • 2010Holiday Show & Sale” November 20 – December 19

    “Flow” October 23 – November 14
    “Illusions” September 11 – October 17
    “1+1” June 12 – August 1
    “Chiaroscuro” April 24 – June 6 (Featured Photographer)
    “Found Objects” March 27 – April 18
    “Skin” February 20 – March 21
    “Rear View” January 9 – February 14

    • 2009:   Holiday Show & Sale” December 5 – December 19

    “A Body Politic” October 17 – November 29
    “Music to My Eyes” September 12 – October 11
    “Portals” August 1 – September 6
    “Eclecticism” June 13 – July 26
    “Selected Works of the Creative Photographers’ Guild” May 2 – June 7
    “New Beginnings” March 2 – April 26


    CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHERS’ GUILD  (Staten Island venues)

    • 2010“Stuff & Other Works of Genius” April 30 – May 30. Art@Bay, 70 Bay St., SI, NY.

    “Scene Through the Trees” March 21 – May 23.  Unitarian Church, SI, NY.

    • 2009:   “10301” June 13 – July 16.  Spotlight Gallery, Wagner College, SI, NY.

    “Creative Photographers’ Guild Group Show” May 1 – June 31.  St. George Library, SI, NY.
    “Art by the Ferry” June 6/7 & June 13/14.  120 Stuyvesant Place, SI, NY



    • 2010“Metamorphosis” June 5 – 27. Lighthouse Museum, SI, NY.

    “Heavy Metal” August 16 – September 20. Spotlight Gallery, Wagner College, SI, NY.



    • 2010“SICC Small Works Holiday Show” December 4, 2010 – January 2, 2011.  Art@Bay Gallery, 70 Bay

     St., SI, NY.
    “Art by the Ferry” June 5 - 27.  Art@Bay Gallery, 70 Bay St., SI, NY.
     “Community Art Show” June, July & August.  Jewish Community Center, Manor Road SI, NY.



    Solo show in Lima, Peru.  “One Road Home”
    Group shows: Soho Photo Gallery, NYC
    Show:  Portsmouth, OH, Ackerman Collection
    A series of 75 16” x 20” framed images shot of small town life Portsmouth, Ohio.
    Should our small towns be left to die, or do the proud people that still inhabit these towns, hold together what our America stands for?

    Shooting almost a decade for a daily local newspaper in NYC.