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31 Hylan Boulevard
Staten Island, New York 10305


I have been interested in Photography since I was a young boy in Brooklyn. I studied photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology, American Art School and International School of Photography. Since 1998, I have been using only digital technology to produce my images.

I produce all my work on Archival Materials tested to last more than 125 years. I frame and mat my own work and soon will begin to manufacture my own frames. I enjoy using and learning about new materials and methods and expect to continue this learning process to enhance my images in the future.

The images at this show represents a small evolution in my work. I'm a landscape photographer primarily and my current project involves photographing the Hudson River Valley. The area was made famous by artists who worked in oil starting around 1850. I'm attempting to continue that legacy using photography as my medium and capturing the majesty of that area that exists today.

The images represent studies in contrast and composition. They excite me because they have their own power and beauty. The images were right there- in the paper. I simply released them. And I was amazed at what came out. Hope you'll be, as well.

I appreciate your viewing my images. If I can answer any questions, please feel free to contact me.