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Staten Island, NY

718 727-0541

The world that manifests its presence through our senses is a strange and beautiful place.

My artwork is essentially an attempt to come to terms with beauty and truth. Photography enables me to give form to my perspective. Each picture that captures some degree of meaning provides me with an opportunity for insight into how I am part of creation and creation is part of me. Occasionally the insight is profound, more often it alludes to something hidden, as yet unknown, still to be examined. My camera gives me a tool that sharpens my awareness of the now.

Education: BFA, Cooper Union, NYC NY
                MA Art Therapy, NYU
               Psychiatric Rehabilitation Certification, Boston University
               Shihan, Tokyo Karate SI NYC

Employment: Creedmoor Psychiatric Hospital
                    South Beach Psychiatric Hospital
                  Felix Chavez Decorative Arts

Exhibits:    Artists Federation SI NY; All group shows 1984-2006
                Art Lab SI NY;  "Open" group shows
                Agora Gallery Soho NYC; group show 2000