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47 Goodwin Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10314


I have loved photography since I was a teenager. There is something magical about the way a camera can capture a moment in time. I love photography for documenting events, making a statement, expressing emotions and creating art. I focused mainly on black and white photography until the advent of digital photography. It was hard for me to accept digital photography at first. I was reluctant to depart from my beloved film camera and I was sure I was the last hold out. I bought a second hand digital camera and printer from a friend just to try it out and I haven't taken any film photos since. I am so captivated by the idea that I can shoot 250 pictures, look at them and print my favorites all in the same day. It was through digital photography that I began experimenting with color. Lately I have been using the photos I take in the same way that an artist uses his pallet of paint. I am enjoying photoshop and the ability to manipulate images. I often use several images together to make a final print.

Although I was a portrait photographer for a number of years, lately I prefer to earn my living as a sign language interpreter, reserving photography for the pure joy of creative expression.

BA Brooklyn College
Majored in music and fine art photography
Studied portrait lighting at the Art Lab

My work has been exhibited in local galleries:
Kingsborough Community College
Wagner College
Brooklyn College
Snug Harbor