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21 Old Farm Road
Little Silver, NJ 077439

Cell: 718/288-2405
Office: 732/741-5597
Home: 732/741-8608
Fax: 732/741-9466

I have been taking pictures for over half a century. My interest in photography goes back to my early teens. From, first, waiting for my pictures to return from the local photo shop, to watching them emerge in the developer in my own darkroom, to downloading the latest digital shots into my computer, I have never lost my enthusiasm for capturing images of the world around me. Throughout the years, photography has been both my vocation and my avocation.

After studying and then working professionally, I formed my own business. When not working to satisfy the needs of my clients, I was constantly taking pictures for my personal pleasure and fulfillment. My early work almost all BxW and was photo-journalistic in style. Making the transition to digital photography has prompted me to become more experimental in my shooting as it has enabled me to take far more pictures than was once economically feasible. Some of the pictures in this exhibit are the result of that experimentation. Some of the images are created in the camera and others are the result of manipulation in the computer. Many attempts fail but when one is successful the results are unique and not easily duplicated. Digital technology offers a whole new experience for today's photographers to explore.

George Roos is exhibiting 25 works at the:
Monmouth Beach Cultural Center
128Ocean Avenue,
Monmouth Beach,  NJ.
March 16th to April 4th
Hours: 10:00 to 2:00 Wed. thru Sat.
Reception March 26 2:00 to 5:00 


Education   Graduate of New York Institute of Photography 
Military Service: United States Army 1954-1957
Employment: 1959 - 1963 Various entry level jobs in photography
1964 - 1966 Photo staff, Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC
1966 - 1968 Photo staff, Allied Chemical Corporation NYC
1969 -1973 Photographer with Helga Studio NYC (specializing
in the photography of Art & Antiques)
1973- 1979 Staff photographer for Knodler Gallery and Hammer Gallery
(galleries owned by Armand Hammer)
1979 - To Present - Owned and operated George Roos Photography.
Creative Photographers Guild, SI NY co-founder and Past President 2005-9

Specific Information:
As staff photographer for the Knoedler/Hammer Galleries, went on assignment
to Russia on four different occasions to photograph works of art in the Hermitage
The Russia State Museum and the Pushkin Museum in order to produce catalogs
for several exchange exhibits arranged by Dr. Armond Hammer held at the
National Gallery in Washington D.C. and Knoedler Gallery, NYC.
Traveled to Oslo,  Norway and Geneva, Switzerland on other assignments as
well as many places in the US.

    Published Works
    1.   Riches of the Earth - 1981 - Windward Press / Division of W.H. Smith Publishing

    1. Greenwich Village a photograph guide - 1976 - Dover Books
    2. *The Legacy of Leonardo - 1979  Knoedler Gallery
    3. *Treasures of the Hermitage 1977 Knoedler Gallery
    4. The Audubon Portfolio - Work of John James Audubon - National Audubon Society
    5. Norman Rockwell - Complete Works of Norman Rockwell - Rockwell Museum

    7    Worlds of Transformation -Tibetan Art of Wisdom & Compassion -Tibet House
    8   **Peter Maier - Icons & Images Beyond Reality
    9  Gorgy Daskloff - American Portraits   1995 - Works of portrait artist Georgy Daskloff
    10. Street Seen – New York City in the 1960’s and 70’s. (Self Published)
    11. Exerceyes ("TrainingYour Eyes to See Pictures Everywhere") 2009 (Self Published)

    *companion books for exhibits held at the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
    **companion book for exhibit held at Daimler-Chrysler Headquarters, Detroit, Michigan   

    Exhibits:  One Man Exhibts
    Museum of  the City of New York …..“How Green Was My City”
    Parent Magazine Gallery….Untitled one men show
    Kevin Barry Gallery……”Street Scenes from the Sixties”
    Greenbelt Nature Center….”Our Common Treasure”
    Blue Heron Nature Center…”Untitled”
    Monmouth Beach Cultural Center …”Impressions of Monmouth County”

    Group Exhibits:

     Kevin Barry Gallery….”Best the CPG
    Greenbelt Nature Center… CPG Nature Photography Exhibit   
    Staten Island Zoo…CPG* Animal Photography Exhibits…2006 and 2007
    St John’s University…CPG* What is America to Me”
    Eger Health Care Center… Exhibit of works of  CPG
    Cape House Gallery…..CPG* show …untitled…2006 and 2007
    West Brighton CLDC Red Carpet Gallery ...Group Shows, 2006 and 2007
    Artists Guild...Shrewsbury, NJ… untitled … group show… 2006
    Artists Alliance… Red Bank NJ … “Found Objects” …2006
    Art Lab SI NY … “Faces” 2006
    McKay Imaging Gallery … Red Bank NJ… “New York Scenes” 2007
    Wagner College Spotlight Gallery…CPG* Exhibit.. "On The Waterfront" 2007
    Fort Wadsworth Visitor's Center…Untitled Group Exhibit
    New Century Artist Gallery…. New York, NY…Untitled Exhibits…2006, 2007, 2008
    Wagner College Spotlight Gallery…CPG* Exhibit.. "10301" 2009
    Gallery 13….Mechanicsburg PA…."Collected Visuals" 2010

    CPG Gallery*…”New Beginnings” 2009
    CPG Gallery…"Eclecticism"  2009
    CPG Gallery…"Music to My Eyes" 2009
    CPG Gallery…"Portals"…Featured Artist  2009
    CPG Gallery… "The Body Politic" 2009
    CPG Gallery…"Holiday Show" 2009
    CPG Gallery…"Rear View" 2010
    CPG Gallery…"Skins" 2010

    *CPG – Creative Photographer Guild