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7730 Amboy Road
Staten Island, NY 10307


ARTIST STATEMENT: My goal is to help people visualize that which most do not notice in their everyday lives and to touch upon those thoughts and emotions for which few have time for in their daily experiences. I strive to confront people with the simplicity, clarity, form and beauty of the normal everyday world that is always before us and always missed because of our natural tendency towards attention deficiency and lack of comprehension in this ultra high speed world of instant gratification. I encourage people to stop and reflect upon the world as it could be seen should one choose to take the time and look.

    MEDIUM: Conventional and  Digital Photography: on Paper, Fabric, Glass, Ceramics, Metal

    CONCENTRATION: Landscapes, Still Life, Street Scenes, Floral, Macro

    EXPERIENCE: Studio Photography, Photography Management/Consulting, Curatorial Management, Gallery Management.

    Since 1977 - South Shore Visual Arts Association Staten Island, NY
    President, board member, curator, exhibiting member.
    Since 2006 - BWAC (Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition) – Red Hook, NY
    Board  Member, show chair, curator, exhibiting member.
    Since 2000 - New Century Artist, Inc. – New York
    Curator – exhibiting member
    Since 2005 - Creative Photographers Guild – Staten Island, NY
    President, curator, exhibiting member
    Since 1972 - Studio Gallery – Staten Island, NY
    Board member, curator, exhibiting member
    Since 1970 - Artist Federation – Staten Island, NY
    Exhibiting member
    Since – 1976 - Prince Street Gallery – New York, NY
    Exhibiting member
    Since 2005 - Fototika Gallery of Art Photography – Los Angeles, CA
    Exhibiting member
    Since 2005 - The Photo-Art Gallery – London, UK
    Exhibiting member
    Since 2005 - Phototag-Gallerie – Rome, Italy
    Exhibiting member
    Since 2007 - 2nd Floor Gallery – Mechanicsburg, PA
    Curator - Exhibiting Member
    Since 2009 – Gallerie Thirteen – Mechanicsburg, PA
    Curator – Exhibiting Member
    Since 2009 - Top Star Images/Top Star Gallery
    Founding/Exhibiting Member – Image Bank/Prints on Demand